Tuesday, 12 May 2020

Nabla Cosmetics Cutie Coral Palette Review + Swatches

Hi everyone! Nabla cosmetics launched 2 mini palettes back in July and I ended up getting the Coral one during Beauty Bay's Black Friday sale. I really enjoy Nabla cosmetics eyeshadow formula so I was curious about this palette. 

This has 6 shades, is vegan and cruelty free and feels very weighty and luxe. If you have the Dreamy or Soul Blooming palettes, they're the same kind of heavy cardboard. The outside looks like tie-dye.The little details are gorgeous. 

  • I Got You: A metallic magenta and coral duo chrome.
  • Red Shape: A coppery fire red matte. 
  • Anyway: A deep matte brown. 
  • Mandarin: A metallic pink-orange duo chrome.
  • Feelings: A coral pink matte. 
  • Coral Amber: A coral amber shimmer with bronze reflections. 

    There are 2 standard mattes ('Feelings' and 'Anyway')

    The shade 'Mandarin' is more of a topper, it's very sheer and has lots of glitter reflects. It felt gritty when I first swatched it but after one swipe it's beautiful and creamy.

    'Coral Amber' is the standard metallic foiled shade.

    'Red Shape' is soft and velvety and can be used as a matte or sprayed with water to work as a metallic.
    'I Got You' is a cream to powder, it's stunning!


    I think this is one of Nabla’s absolute best palettes. Mandarin and I Got You are undupeable in my opinion. I love how brave they are putting multiple different formulas between the 6 pans. It’s a great introduction if you haven’t tried the brand before and if you have, it’s an amazing addition to your collection. 

    Monday, 27 April 2020

    Makeup I Regret Buying

    Hi everyone! Following up from my 'Makeup I'm Glad I Didn't Buy', I have makeup that I did buy that I regret purchasing. I'm currently on a low-buy until my birthday in September so I've been going through my collection regularly. The low-buy has really helped me be critical of my purchases and pushes me away from impulse buying. Here are some of my regrets.

    1. Too Faced - Peach Blur Powder Mini

    I bought this in Dec 2018 on a whim. The packaging is really cute and it's great for travel but I never got around to using it more than once since I found my holy grail Hourglass Translucent Veil powder. I won't be decluttering it but I will be chucking it in my makeup bag to encourage myself to use it more.

    2. Zoeva - Twilight Hour Glow Light

    This is my biggest ever makeup regret. I honestly thought this could be dupe for the Hourglass blushes which are quite expensive but this has no pigment and it's all glitter. I think this would only work if you're extremely fair. I couldn't get it to show up on my skin at all.

    3. Colourpop - Cheetah Lux Lipstick

    I did get some use out fo this. I really like this colour but I honestly just forgot about it. I didn't use it as a lipstick but to cancel out my dark circles and it worked really well. I think I'll declutter this however though. The reason I'm including it as a regret is because I never really used it as a lipstick.

    4. Makeup Revolution - Sunlight Mood Lighter

    These are now discontinued but when they were released, I almost panned two of these and decided to buy a backup but never used it. I'll have to declutter this since its starting to look strange in the pan.

    5: Colourpop x Kathleen Lights - The Twins Loose Shadow

    I'm partial to a good loose shadow, in fact I have a massive collection of them. This pigment from Colourpop is stunning but there is one glaring issue. The jar is too tall and there's no sifter so you have to either dump a load of pigment onto the lid or dip a brush in and end up with shadow all over the brush and handle. These are terribly designed and I might just chuck this into one of my spare loose jars or declutter this.

    6. Makeup Revolution - Conceal and Fix Ultimate Coverage Concealer

    I bought this in the shade 'Medium Yellow' and while it's a good colour on me, it's just a bit too cakey. It has such a strong smell of roses (or perfume, I can't really tell), that it just puts me off using it.

    7. Makeup revolution - Conceal and Hydrate Foundation

    I regret purchasing this because it's far too pale for me. I like that it has a pump and the formula is okay but it's not great on my dry skin. It clung to my dry patches and caked up when I set it with powder. I think the Fenty Pro Filtr is the only foundation I'll purchase again in the future.

    Have you tried any of these?

    My IG: https://www.instagram.com/dorchasbeaublog/

    Thanks for reading!

    Monday, 13 April 2020

    Palette of The Day - Juvia's Place Saharan II

    Hi everyone! I need to confess that I've been sadly neglecting this absolutely gorgeous palette for a while. I just haven't reached for this palette because I haven't been using many warm tones but I'm slowly starting to fall in love with them again.

    I have a full review of the Saharan II which you can read here: https://princessdorcha.blogspot.com/2017/12/juvias-place-saharan-ii-palette-review.html

    I've improved a lot makeup and photography wise since I posted that almost 3 years ago but my review still stands.

    There are so many beautiful duochromes here especially Nomad and Chefchaouen. They're very subtle shifts but it's more apparent in person than in photos. These metallics are still so creamy and impactful. The mattes blended great. I much prefer this burgundy over the one from Lime Crime's Venus 1. It blends out to more of a pink but it can be built up.

    I used every shade and I love the way this look turned out. I used 'Aziza' for my highlight. 
    My blush is Lime Crime's Hotspot.
    My lipstick is Colourpop's Room Service and Makeup Revolution's Ballerina sheer lip over it.

    To conclude, I NEED to use this palette more. I love the Juvia's Place formula and this palette was very consistent. I've almost hit pan on the red and I would love to finally hit pan on an eyeshadow because I haven't done that in a while!

    Wednesday, 1 April 2020

    €4 Dupe for Lime Crime's Venus 1 Palette? Makeup Revolution New-trals vs Neutrals palette

    Hi everyone! I got the Makeup Revolution Neutrals vs Newtrals palette for free from a December mystery bag. This palette appears to be a dupe for ABH's Modern Renaissance but I don't have that palette so I'm comparing it to the Lime Crime Venus 1 since that's the closest palette it reminds me of.
    Let's find out!

    The Lime Crime Venus 1 retails for $38/€35 for 8 shades. This was the palette that started it all and I'm sure there have been many dupes since it released a few years ago . I got the Makeup Revolution palette in a mystery bag. Both palettes are cruelty free and vegan. 

    Top LC, Bottom MR

    The top of each photo is the Lime Crime Venus 1 and the bottom is the MR revolution palette. It's really hard to see the difference in some of the shades. The darker colours have less depth than the Venus.

    Can you guess which side is the Lime Crime one?
    Lipstick is Melt's Cosmetics Chestnut.

    The side with the dot is Makeup Revolution. I notice a big difference in my photos between each eye but in person it's not as noticeable. I actually prefer the Makeup Revolution side because it's more peachy and less muddy.

    These shadows are less pigmented than Lime Crime's but for the price, I don't mind. Unfortunately, this doesn't have a true dupe for 'Aura' which is probably Lime Crime's best shadow they've released thus far. It is such a beautiful, reflective, wet looking shadow that works great as a highlighter on me, I was disappointed at how powdery the MR shade was.

    I think this is close enough to be considered a dupe for the Venus palette. If you want a more cool toned burgundy look, I'd go with Lime Crime but if you don't mind peachy reds, then this would work great.

    IG: https://www.instagram.com/dorchasbeaublog/

    Thanks for reading!