Friday, 14 June 2019

Linda Hallberg Pink Opal Multi Purpose Use Lipstick Review

Hi everyone! I picked up the Beauty Bay The Collection bundle recently, since then it's been sold out so I'd thought I'd do individual reviews of some of the things included. 

Today, I'm reviewing the Linda Hallberg Pink Opal lipstick. Linda Hallberg is a makeup artist from Sweden who's brand focuses on multi use cruelty free and vegan makeup products. 

I have their Multi Use Lipstick in Pink Opal. It's described as a sheer buildable lipstick with a glossy finish with SPF 15 that wont leave your lips feeling dry. It is also perfume free. These retail for €20. 

The bullet feels very luxe and heavy. It doesn't feel cheap at all. The top of the lipstick is flat so it it applies nicely. Pink Opal is a soft cool toned pink.

1 swipe vs 3

The formula feels nice on the lips but I prefer using this over a liquid lipstick as opposed to on it's own. On the cheeks however, this looks phenomenal. I love this more as blush than the actual blushes I own! It blends beautifully and looks gorgeous on my skin. It gives a nice subtle glow and a small tint of colour. It's really easy to build up and doesn't pull or move my foundation around.

I used it on my cheeks here and over Sugarpill's Trinket.

Overall, I really enjoy this and I'm so glad I got to try it! I definitely will be using this more. 

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Thursday, 6 June 2019

Beauty Bay EYN Nudes 9 pan Palette Review + Swatches

Hi everyone! I picked up the Beauty Bay The Collection bundle recently, since then it's been sold out so I'd thought I'd do individual reviews of some of the things included.

Part of the bundle was an eyeshadow palette. Their in house brand, EYN; I own some of their other palettes and enjoyed their quality so this is one of the reasons why I purchased the bundle.
These retail for €7.50 and has 9 shades. It is cruelty free and vegan.

Here are the shades as described on the site:
  • Vanilla Latte – Soft beige matte
  • All Or Nothing – Nude matte
  • Cheers! – Sandy shimmer
  • Cinnamon – Rose tinted brown matte
  • Razzle Dazzle – Rosy bronze shimmer
  • Chocolate Fudge – Cedar shimmer
  • Take A Hike – Hickory matte
  • Gunmetal Grove – Deep blue and silver shimmer
  • Domino Effect – Deep black matte

Here are the shadows swatched over a base (Makeup Revolution Cut Crease Canvas).

I did a very basic look with this palette. The only shades I didn't use are 'Gunmetal Groove' and 'Chocolate Fudge'.

This palette is pretty great for the price. I really enjoyed their Berry Matte 9 Pan palette they released. Of course, they're not the best eyeshadows out there but they blend well enough and look nice on the eye. I recommend always using a primer. The shimmers apply best with a finger or a damp brush.

What's your favourite neutral palette?
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Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Juvia's Place The Festival Palette Revisited - As Good as I Remember?

Hi everyone! I was rooting through my palettes looking for something to wear when I something caught my eye. There it was, the Juvia’s Place Festival palette that I’ve been neglecting for months. I bought this last March and I got caught up with new makeup releases and just never got around to using it more often.
I absolutely adore the Juvia’s Place formula and their eyeshadows palettes especially. In my opinion, they’re one of the best brands for eyeshadow out there and I’ve bought almost all of their palettes.

There’s a fantastic mix of shades here. 4 metallics and 5 mattes. The shades range from grungy reds and oranges to bright shades like a blue and a pink. It’s so versatile!

I rushed my base makeup to do my eyes before the sun went down. I started off by using ‘Mmanwu’ as a wash across my crease and lid. I then went in with ‘Izafa’ and ‘Ofala’ in my crease. 
I patted ‘Keleke’ on the lid on a dense packing brush and then blended it out with same brush I used for the reds. I repeated the same on my lower lash line and used ‘Oro’ instead of ‘Mmanwu’. I finished it up with liner. 

My inner corner highlight is ‘Odogwu’. For my blush, I used JP’s ‘Seraphina’. For my highlight I used Cookie from Benefit.
On my lips is Huda beauty Cheerleader.

So how do I feel about this palette now?
I enjoy it even more than when I got it. Since last year, my makeup has improved and I’m getting better at blending and colour combinations which is probably why I didn’t use this palette before. I think I will use it more in the future. 

Whilst two of the metallics are stiff (keleke, Aba’) they work really well as satins if you apply them with a dense brush and blend or as metallics if you apply them on a flat brush wet. ‘Odogwu’ and ‘Uli’ make for great highlighters. 

The mattes are gorgeous. They blend like a dream. I think I prefer the reds here than any I have in my collection since they didn’t stick in one place, blended perfectly and didn’t muddy.
Have you ever rediscovered a product? Should I do more reviews like this?
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Friday, 17 May 2019

Makeup Favourites Spring 2019

Hi everyone! I thought I'd share what I've been loving these past few months before summer starts and I change up my makeup. 

I've been travelling so much the past few months so I've been favouring a simple but classic makeup look to pack with me. 

Base/ Face

For my face, I use the Besame foundation stick which I make sure to wear a lot of primer under since it kind of dries out my face but I really want to use it up and it's great for travel and touch ups. For concealer, I just use the Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define in the shade C2 and the Freedom Makeup Pro Contour Kit Fair for my matte highlight.

I recently bought the Benefit Cheekleaders palette which contains the Gold Rush blush, the Hoola bronzer and the Cookie highlighter; all in mini sizes for €34.50. 
The gold on the blush is just an overspray and it's a coral undertone similar to my Juvia's Place Seraphina blush. 

The Hoola bronzer is an OG and my perfect bronzer. The Cookie highlighter is exclusive to the palette and it has a sort of cream formula. If you are used to using the Super Shock Highlighters from Colourpop, I think you'll like this.

I have a mini version of Hoola already but the box is a bit clunky. This palette is compact enough for me to travel with in my makeup bag and it's sturdy enough to handle being jostled around. 

I can't see my brow routine changing all that much and it hasn't really in the past year. I start by using a damp angled brush and Colourpop's 'Black 'N' Brown' brow pomade to define and then their Soft Black eyebrow gel. I'm really interested in trying ABH's Brow Wiz though since I got a sample and really enjoyed using it. 

I've been mostly wearing a warm toned eye with gold on the lid lately and for that, I almost always use a combo of my Makeup Revolution Ultra Eye Contour palette and my Nabla Cosmetics Dreamy Palette but recently I got the Norvina palette. I haven't used it enough to do a full review quite yet but I'm really enjoying how easy it to work with it. 

Another product I've discovered that I love is the Colourpop Jelly Much shadows. These are probably the best product of the year and they're so affordable. There's a wide range of shades and they give the payoff of a liquid shadow with the ease of application of a gel paste.  

One thing that I can't live without right now is the Makeup Revolution Cut Crease Canvas eyeshadow base. It's better than the Colourpop concealer, cheaper and you need the tiniest amount of product in order to cover the entire eye. I find it works with all of my shadows and doesn't crease.

Last year may have been all about purple but for I'm only recently starting to wear it. I like the softer, more blue toned purples and I have a lot of them between my ABH Norvina, Menagerie Cosmetics Dragon Child and Nabla Cosmetics Soul Blooming palettes. 'Spindle' Jelly Much from Colourpop is the perfect metallic lavender. 

My favourite stand alone palette is Juvia's Place Tribe palette. It gives incredible payoff and it's so versatile. I love the green/ orange/ gold combo and it's really flattering on me. I feel like I can create endless looks with it. You can read my full review here

A single shadow I've been loving is 'Clutch Pearls' from Coloured Raine. It looks like your standard white base with a gold shift but it really surprised me. At some angles, it has a bright red flash through it and at others there's a hint of orange. It's a really complex shade and I absolutely love it. The formula is a little stiff but applies great wet.
I'm not really adventurous with my eyeliner so my two usual are the Makeup Revolution Renaissance Flick and Urban Decay's 'Perversion' gel liner. 


Sugarpill Trinket, LC Cherry Cream Gloss, Colourpop Neat Freak.
The Balm Loyal, LC Maraschino Cherry, ABH Pink Tourmaline.
For my more neutral looks, I pair with a red bold lip and my go to for the past few years has been The Balm's Meet Matt(e) Hughes in the shade 'Loyal'. If I find my lips drying out, I put the Lime Crime Cherry Gloss in the shade 'Maraschino Cherry' over it. 
For my more cool toned looks, I really enjoy a peachier and glossy lip. For this, I use Sugarpill's Trinket and either Colourpop's Neat Freak gloss or Lime Crime's Cherry Cream gloss. 
For just a regular glossy lip, I put on ABH's Pink Tourmaline gloss. It's so glittery and has a slight pink tint.

Fav New Product

I have a full review of this in a separate post which you can read here. 
I was pleasantly surprised by the I Heart Revolution Donut palettes. I have the shades Blueberry Crush and Raspberry Icing. The quality on these isn't ABH or Juvia's Place level but they're really nice and I love the packaging so much that it's worth getting them. Sadly the middle shades on both are extremely stiff and crumbly but otherwise the rest of the shadows are good. 

They're not really the most versatile of palettes but they're so cute and have monochromatic colour schemes which I love that I'm picking them as my fav product that I've purchased over the last while.

So that's it! What makeup have you been loving lately? 
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