Thursday, 27 December 2018

Revolution Beauty x Emily Noel 'The Needs' Palette Review + Swatches

I've been following Emily Noel on Youtube for about 3 years. A mom, a news presenter and a beauty reviewer, I've always loved the wholesome and cheery personality she has so I was delighted when I found out she was bringing out a collection with Revolution Beauty/ Makeup Revolution.

This is the 1st of her palettes. You can read about the 2nd half of her collab 'The Wants' here.

'The Needs' is €12 and has several face products; a blush, bronzer and highlight plus 6 eyeshadows and a large cream shade.

I used the entire palette for this look and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. I'm not the best at 1960's makeup but  it looked better in person than in the photo.


  • Travel friendly.
  • Full face in one palette.
  • Gorgeous packaging.
  • 'Love' and 'Kindness' are basically the same.
  • Not sure if these shades will show up on deep skin tones.
  • 'Passion' is a sparkly black and hard to work with.
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Tuesday, 25 December 2018

Beauty Bay EYN Berry Matte 9 Colour Palette Review + Swatches

Hi everyone! Beauty bay recently launched a makeup line. They have something for everyone now with their latest expansion called 'EYN'. There's 3 categories with 3 different finishes: Fiery, Berry and Bright with either a 16 pan mix of matte and shimmer or 9 pans with either all matte, all shimmer or a mix of matte and shimmer varieties. I gravitated towards the all matte palettes and picked up their matte bright and matte berry ones. 

These are €8.95 and the 16 pan ones are €13.50 which I think are very affordable. They have the Beauty Bay 'B' logo on the pans and each pan is 1.4g. They are cruelty free and vegan. They didn't have any swatches of these shadows on their site. The packaging has a gorgeous copper holo and looks very sleek. 
Unfortunately they have a slight chemical smell, it's not as strong as some of the BH Cosmetics palettes that I have but it's still there. 
  • Room For Dessert – Sandy beige matte.
  • Confidence – Dark beige matte.
  • Soul Search – Grey beige matte.
  • Slow Motion – Purple toned brown matte.
  • Brownie Points – Deep brown matte.
  • Power Plum – Plum matte.
  • Promise – Royal purple matte.
  • Throw Shade – Grey blue matte.
  • Slam Dunk – Black matte.
under ring light
This is a complementary palette for me when I need those in between shades. I love the inclusion of the grey that almost has a slight plummy tone to it. It definitely doesn't show up as the blue-grey it looks in the pan. The swatches show off the colour best. 

swatches without primer
Sorry about the messy hair!
For this look, I started by setting my primer with 'Room For Dessert.'
I then mixed 'Room for Dessert' and 'Confidence' for my transition shade.
I ran 'Power Plum' through my crease and blended it out with the brush I used for my transition shade.
I mixed 'Promise' and 'Slam Dunk' and patted it on the outer corner with a flat brush. 
I repeated it on the lower lash line. 
On my lid is Nabla's 'Alchemy' eyeshadow.
I finished it up with some liner.

I was honestly really surprised at how well these blended for the price. They don't perform as well as a higher end eyeshadow but I really like them. I would reccomend using an tackier eyeshadow primer as I feel like these won't last as long as some shadows. 

What is your go to eyeshadow palette and why?
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Friday, 21 December 2018

Lime Crime 'Best of Lips' Nudes Lipstick Set Review + Swatches

Lime Crime have a huge holiday release with many different sets and bundles. I have the Best of Lips set in 'Nude' but they have one for 'Mauve', 'Reds' and 'Darks' so I feel like there's something for everyone.  

The box is really pretty and you can remove the inset. I'm going to use mine as a display for my pins.

'Elle' Matte Velvetines: Apricot nude.
'Angel' Velvetines Lip Liner: Apricot nude.
'Cherry Cream' Wet Cherry: True nude.
'Over the Rainbow' Diamond Crusher: Rainbow nude with a pink shift.

I've had minis of the Velvetines before and it took me almost a year to use it up even using it quite regularly. But if you are a regular user it would probably take you about a month to get through it. I don't have a full size lip liner to compare size with the mini . 

Velveteen Mini: 0.06 fl oz/1.7ml. Full Size: 0.88/ 2.6ml.
Cherry gloss mini: 0.04 fl oz/ 1.10ml. Full size: 0.1 fl oz/ 2.98ml.
Diamond Crusher mini: 0.07 fl oz/ 2.07ml. Full Size: 4.14ml.
Lip Liner mini: 0.028 OZ/ 0.80G. Full Size: 0.042 OZ/ 1.2g

I think these would be great for travelling or would make a lovely gift for anyone who likes makeup.

It's also a great way to try out Lime Crime's lip products.
What have you picked up for the holidays? 

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Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Blush Tribe Hasina 2 Palette Review + Swatches

Hi everyone! Today I thought I'd review the Hasina 2 palette by Blush Tribe. I've reviewed some of their products before and I was delighted when they reached out to send me a PR package. My options won't be skewed just because they sent it to me and I'll be as unbiased as I am usually.

I think the packaging is really nice too. I really like Blush Tribe's pixellated impressionism (Is that the best way to describe it? I did art in school but I can't remember any of it lol). It makes their palettes instantly recognisable and stand out. It's the same quality as the Hasina 1, it's light but doesn't feel flimsy. The magnet is also quite strong. 

There are 15 shades, 8 shimmers and 7 mattes. The palette is broken up into 5 purple/pinks, 4 blues, 5 greens and a black. There are a lot of brands incorporating these shades into blues and greens into their palettes like Makeup Monsters but I haven't seen one that's all cool toned. 

Here are the shades-
Monique: Frosty lilac (metallic)
Iris: Warm mauve (matte)
Destiny: Cool toned pinky mauve (metallic)
Gráinne: Darker than Monique (metallic)
Mohan: True royal purple (matte)
Faye: Frosty blue (metallic) 
Ree: True teal (matte)
Anika: True mid tone blue (matte)
Myna: Ocean blue (metallic)
Erin: Grass green (matte)
Shay: Seaweed green (metallic)
Jade: Frosty light green (metallic)
Mahia: Kelly green (matte)
Manii: Army green (matte)
Ash: true black with no undertones (matte)

I really would have liked a mid tone shade between 'Iris' and 'Mohan', just to deepen up the crease a bit more but 'Ash' works just fine. I know a lot of people complain about matte blacks shadows being in palettes but I tend to use them a lot to set my liner and black works a lot better with cool tones. I like how it's not Makeup Geek 'Corrupt' level of pigmented either and doesn't turn ashy or grey when blended. It's the same quality as the black from the Blossom Palette.

Here's a look I did using the palette. 
- I started off by mixing 'Ree' and 'Anika' together and placed that in the crease.
- On my outer corner I patted 'Anika'. 
- I used one of the metallics from the Huda Beauty 'Sapphire Obsessions' palette on my lid.
- For under my eye, I used 'Iris' and blended 'Mohan' into it. 
- I used 'Ash' on my outer corner of my lower lash line.
- On my inner corner is 'Faye'.

For lipstick I mixed Too Faced LE 'Pumpkin Spice' and 'Spiced Rum' Melted Mattes together.


Overall, I think this would be a perfect palette for anyone with a large makeup collection. It feels really fresh and unique and I think that these shades would complement most eye colours.

Most Unique Shades: Ree, Mohan, Manii.
Favourite Shades: Ree, Iris.

  • Super unique colour scheme.
  • Great quality.
  • Lovely artwork. 
  • Travel friendly.

  • No Mirror
  • 'Gráinne' and 'Monique' are very similar.
  • 'Mohan' kind of blended away.
My Hasina 1 Review: Hasina 1 Review + Swatches.
Where to buy: 
Keep Up with Blush Tribe: Instagram and twitter.

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Besame 'Keep Singing' Snow White Palette Review + Swatches

Besamé are a brand that I absolutely love. I use their products regularly such as their violet brightening powder, foundation stick and the gorgeous powder blush. Their whole concept is based on vintage beauty and they have had several collabs with Disney.

I remember their Snow White collab was super hyped and most of it has sold out already but their 8 pans palettes were still available. There's 2 different versions, a more pastel one called Keep Wishing and a more colourful one called 'Keep Singing'. I chose 'Keep Singing' because it has the blue and the red. I got mine for $10 because of a special promo code but they are reguarly $38.

I love Snow White, she's one of my favourite Disney Princesses and I remember watching the 1937 film a lot as a child. You can tell there's a lot of love put into this entire collection and it rings true to the Disney vision. The unit carton for this palette is so unique. There's gold detailing and when you open, you can see Snow White's face. On the back, there's the shades with apple shaped swatches.

The palette itself is beautiful, the top half is gold and the bottom half is dark blue. There's an image of Snow White with her name emblazoned in gold. Inside there's a beautiful mirror with a bird and a rabbit that reads 'With A Smile & Song' in blue. The inlay is gold with flowers that reads 'Fill the world with sunshine.' I absolutely love this and just looking at it brings a smile to my face.

The shadows themselves are super soft and velvety. There's 3 metallics and the rest are more of a satin matte. I love the shade choice.

Here's a look I did using this palette:
- I used 'Huntsman' for my transition shade and for my lower lash line.
- I ran 'Once Upon a Time' through my crease with a fluffy brush and then applied it wet on my lid with a flat concealer brush.
- On my inner corner is 'White as Snow'.

- For blush, I used their '1915 Rose Delicate' Rouge.
- On my lips is their '1935 Cherry Red' lipstick. 


I think the eyeshadow quality is pretty good but not the best that I've tried. I'm sad that this was LE but hopefully they'll bring out more old school Disney collabs. Besame never skimp on the packaging!
If I had to recommend a product from Besame, it would probably be their powder rouge or their lipsticks. Both are fantastic and I good value for the price.

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Friday, 7 December 2018

Nabla Cosmetics Glow Trip Highlighters Review + Swatches

Nabla's holiday collection this year has a huge selection of products. Lip kits, glosses, an eyeshadow palette and what really drew my eye - highlighters. I prefer a bolder, very eye catching highlight and it's a staple in my routine.
Scroll down for comparisons at the end.
Ignore the dust on the boxes, I had to swatch these bad boys with brushes before taking photos
I got the bundle for €50. It includes the 2 highlighters and 2 brushes. There's a fan brush and a tapered highlighting brush. They're very soft but dense and I like them both, they're a lot lighter than most brushes but don't feel flimsy. They're €11.50 each.

The Glow Trip highlighters are €18.50 each and have 6.5g of product. Nabla have released pressed highlighters before as part of their Denude collection but I didn't purchase any of them so this will be my first time trying their pressed formula.

You can see really see Devinizer's gold shift here
These are talc free and have no white cast. They're buildable and more on the metallic side. Even though there's sparkle, they're not glittery and have no glitter fallout. The design on these is actually raised so when you swatch them with your finger you can feel the bumps. They feel very soft but not powdery.

There's 2 shades:
'Crown' - a mid-tone gold with white and gold sparkle.
'Divinizer'- Peachy pink with a gold shift with pink, gold and white sparkle.

Finger swatches: 1st photo is in natural daylight, 2nd is same photo with brightness turned down.
With flash


I had to turn the brightness down or turn on the flash because the undertones wouldn't show up.

Here they are compared to the Too Faced highlighters from the Natural Face palette:

Nabla vs ABH Aurora:

Divinzer vs Black Moon 'Shroom':


Wearing Crown
Overall, I think these highlighters are absolutely gorgeous and one of my favourite holiday releases. It applies and wears so beautifully. I think it would suit most skin tones. I'm sad to ruin the design but they're too pretty not to use! You can definitely build these up or use a light layer if you want a more subtle glow.

Link to products mentioned: Nabla Glow Trip Bundle
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What do you think?
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Thursday, 6 December 2018

Blush Tribe Titanium Dust Swatches

Hi everyone! Blush Tribe were kind enough to send me some of their Titanium Dust pigments along with their glitter glue. 
I got: Hava, Miraj, Cave of Wonders, Sana, Aurora, Amethyst, Sultan, Mimo

Here's the shades finger swatched over the glitter glue:

Here's the glitter glue in action. First is swatched without any primer or glue dry. 2nd is swatched wet and lastly with the glitter glue.

Please note: *some of these have been/ will be discontinued so please check their site to see what's available.

Their site:
Their Twitter: BlushTribe
Their IG: blush tribe

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Sunday, 2 December 2018

Too Faced Sweet Smell of Christmas Liquid Lipstick mini set Review

Oh my gosh, is it Christmas already? Well brands are already bringing out Christmas sets so it must be! This year has gone by so fast!
I went up to Dublin for Halloween and was had a look in the shops. Debenhams has a large Too Faced section and I haven't been able to swatch a lot of their newer stuff but one thing really caught my eye whilst I was there; This adorable liquid lipstick set.

Too Faced's Christmas releases can always be a bit hit or miss in my opinion but I think this year they've done a great job. I'm a bit sad I didn't get to pick up any of the mini palettes as they're really pretty but maybe I will if there's a sale online.

This set has 4 mini liquid lipsticks in the Melted Matte formula which are scented. I haven't tried any of their lip products before. The price was €23/ £22 which I think is really good value since I know I'll wear every shade.

There's 3 ml of product in each tube. There's 7ml in a full sized one but I never get through a full liquid lipstick anyways.
The main appeal of these lipsticks is that they are scented like Christmas treats. Do they smell like what's on the box? Definitely. The scent is very noticeable and absolutely delicious. They did a great job with these.
The colours too are absolutely beautiful and definitely for every occasion.

These have a slanted doe foot applicator and I don't find product piling up on it. The formula itself is thick and very opaque. It's not too slippery or watery so I can apply this really well without many mistakes. 
They're slightly more drying than Sugarpill but lasted better. I put these just below Sugarpill and Black Moon Cosmetics and Huda Beauty. It is my 4th favourite liquid lipstick formula. 


I'm super happy with this set and I think it's such great value. The biggest downside is that you can actually smell them when you're wearing them which can be a bit overwhelming especially Cinnamon Bear. It feels like I rubbed a Yankee Candle on my lips. 

These are certainly not safe for anyone with a sensitivity to scent and I would definitely avoid these if you have allergies.

I feel like I will definitely use these up and will definitely look for a dupe for their Buttered Rum and Spiced Pumpkin shades. I never thought those colours would suit me!

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Saturday, 1 December 2018

Menagerie Cosmetics Feral Eyeshadow Palette Review + Swatches

*Please Note This is before the Revamped Shades*

Makeup Monsters has recently rebranded as Menagerie Cosmetics. They're releasing both makeup and skin care with 10% of the proceeds going to the Animal Welfare Institute with aims to fight animal testing and protect wildlife worldwide. 

The Feral palette is $40 and you can buy it in a bundle with the Dragon Child palette for $70.

I love the message and the rebrand. Their first palette definitely reflects this. The artwork is beautiful. A gorgeous wolf with antlers surrounded by fairies in a dense forest. There's elegant gold lettering on the lefthand side with the palette name.

Inside there are 12 shades. 10 mattes and 2 shimmers. There's a row of neutrals, a row of warm tones and then a row of cooler, mostly green shades. I really like the formula of the Dragon Child which I reviewed. You can read about it here 

These are swatched over Colourpop No Filter Concealer. I doubled swatched the neutrals and that ivy green twice just to show the true colour as these are a bit sheerer.

My biggest gripe with the last palette was that the metallics were very smooth which could lead to a dip in a pan and had a lot of glitter fallout. These are a huge improvement and photos really don't do them justice!

The mattes are wonderful and just as good as the ones in the Dragon Child. The yellow is so pigmented and doesn't apply patchy. I don't have dupes for the vast majority of the shades. 'Mariposa' is just as fiery and vibrant on the eyes and is one of the most pigmented oranges I own.

Here's the Dragon Child and Feral palettes depotted. This large Z-Palette can hold 36 Menagerie Cosmetic pans or 3 of their standard palettes. I think these palettes compliment each other well and it's so pleasing to look at. 


I ADORE this palette. Even though 2 shades are similar, it doesn't really bother me. I do wish they would stock international but I understand that can be difficult especially when you launch a brand. I would like to try their liquid lipsticks and other products but the shipping and customs are just too expensive. I hope Cult Beauty stocks them eventually or even Beauty Bay if possible. They've been stocking US brands like Melt and Lime Crime so it's not entirely out of the realm of possibility.

  • Gorgeous artwork.
  • 10% goes to charity.
  • Metallic formula has improved since the Dragon Child palette. (Absolutely stunning!)
  • Mattes are wonderful and easy to blend.
  • Yellow is the most pigmented one I own.
  • Super unique shades.
  • Very expensive if you're an international customer.
  • More user friendly than the Dragon Child palette. 
Favorite Shades: 'Huechera', 'Pack Leader' and 'Allium'.
Least Favourite shades: 'Wolfing' and 'Harmonia' are just too similar.