Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Juvia's Place The Saharan Palette Review + Swatches

Hi everyone! Juvia's Place had an amazing sale on during Black Friday and I decided to pick up one of the few palettes I don't have from them. This was only $10 in the sale! 

There are 12 shades. 8 metallics and 4 mattes.
  • Sokoto – Bright red toned orange / vermillion. (matte)
  • Wodaabe –  Green gold. (metallic)
  • Bororo – Deep red. (metallic)
  • Kia – Teal with a black base. (metallic)
  • Zoya – Bronze peach. (metallic)
  • Iman – White with a slight blue shift. (metallic)
  • Jamila – Saffron/ dark orange. (matte)
  • Senegal – Light gold. (metallic)
  • Chad – Black. (matte)
  • Katsina – Light almond/ tan. (matte)
  • Lulu – True peach. (metallic)
  • Fula – Soft pink rose. (metallic)

I used the shades Katsina, Kia and Chad for a simple smokey eye. I really like how the black blended and it lasted all day using only Colourpop concealer for primer.

I feel like this palette is an expanded version of the top half of the Magic Palette. I feel like if you have the Magic Palette, you don't need this palette.

Left: Saharan. Right: Magic
As you can see, there's some similarities. Really the only difference is undertones and I don't feel like it's all that noticeable on the eye. 
I do feel like there could have been 1 or 2 less metallics because some shades are quite similar. I would have loved to have a deep burgundy matte to balance everything out.

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Monday, 14 January 2019

Huda Beauty Matte & Metal Melted Shadows Review (Faux Fur & Bamboo)

Hi everyone! I was in Dublin recently and decided to pick up one of these Melted Shadows from Huda Beauty. They're touted as one of the quickest ways to do a cut crease and super user friendly.

Price: €25.
Shelf Life: 6 months.

The Matte Side: This is the same colour as my skin tone but I use this as concealer. I used it under my eyes because I ran out of my Colourpop concealer and it lasted 7 hours without creasing! I set it with the tiniest bit of banana powder. I'm really impressed and it saves me from buying another concealer. I've seen other colours crease a lot on people on their eyes. People have recommended not setting your primer. These dry super fast and I don't feel like you're given a lot of time to blend them.

The metallic side: I used a flat brush like I normally do and patted it onto my eyelid as I normally would do a cut crease. They're definitely on the sheerer side and very very liquidy, similar to the Stila Magnificent Metals. I really like the precise brush applicator because I think it would work for all eye shapes and it's more precise. These can get flaky if you try put these over powder shadow or cut crease concealer but you can layer powders on top of them.

Dupes: Stila Magnificent Metals formula.

I used the metallic side for my lid and in my crease is the Makeup Revolution Light and Shade palette.


  • Great applicators/ precise and easy.
  • Metallics are super reflective.
  • Transfer proof.
  • Last 12+ hours on me.
  • Love the matte + metallic duo. Easy eye look.
  • Can feel a bit heavy on the eyes.
  • Metallics can flake.
  • Don't set primer when you use these.
Overall, I like these and they last quite well but I don't know whether I'd pick up another colour because I don't know how much I'd use these for the price.
I will do a proper dupe post eventually when I find more liquid eyeshadows but these are definitely pricey. I think the Colourpop ones are just as good and if you really want to splurge, I'd go with Stila.

Have you used these? What do you think? What liquid eyeshadows do you love?

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Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Juvia's Place Tribe Palette Review + Swatches

Hello everyone! Juvia's Place has released yet another eyeshadow palette and this time, it's green themed! I love their eyeshadows and this palette really spoke to me, it has the perfect mix of greens, oranges and golds. 

swatched without primer.
There are 5 metallics and 4 mattes. 

Maasai: Lime green (matte)
Oromo: Marigold (matte)
Tutsi: Grass green (matte)
Koro: Iridescent Green (metallic)
Chaka: Rich bronze (metallic)
Kuba: Forest green with black base (metallic) 
Ashanti: Slightly olive undertoned mid toned brown (matte)
Kurla: A rich reddened copper (metallic)
San: A forest green with very slight blue undertone (matte)

The mattes feel a tiny bit stiffer than they usually do but blend out really well. The metallics are standard of JP's palettes, extra buttery and soft. 

Here's a look I did using the palette.
I started off with 'Maasai' as my transition shade. This is definitely a shade you can swirl your brush in and I built it up. On top of it I have 'Ashanti' and then blended 'San' through my crease.
On my the inner and outer corners of my lid is 'Kuba' and in the middle is 'Chaga'.
I repeated the same process on my lower lash line.
My inner corner highlight and my highlight is 'Koro'.


Overall, I LOVE this palette. I wore this look for 8 hours without setting spray and my eyeshadow lasted perfectly without any glitter fallout. I think this may be my new favourite palette from them!
I would love to see a companion series in the future with maybe blues and purples. Greens can be quite difficult to blend but 'San' didn't muddy or ball up like some can.
I think 'Ashanti' is a perfect shade as it has a green undertone but complements 'Chaga' so well.
The oranges are a nice touch and I think this palette is pretty versatile. 

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My Top 10 Fav Eyeshadow Palettes of 2018 ft Juvia's Place, Blush Tribe and More!

Eyeshadow is my favourite part of makeup and over the past while, I've hoarded a lot of palettes. Here's a list of the ones I love the most! Some old, some new but all great in my eyes.

Vegan - (v)
Gluten Free - (gl-f)
Talc Free - (tf)

Blush Tribe's 'Blossom' Palette (cf)

One of the standout brands of this year has been Blush Tribe. All of their releases have been consistent and exciting. I purchased the Blossom palette in January and I use it on the regular. There are 16 mattes. All shades are super bendable and I really like the inclusion of pale shades to use as transition and a white and a black which are both very pigmented. 'Blue Daze' is one of the best blues out there and 'Peony' makes for a gorgeous blush.

Price: €28
Full review here.
Purchase here .

Blush Tribe 'Hasina' Palette (cf)

Price: €28
Full review here.
Purchase here.

More user friendly than the palette above; the Hasina palette has a gorgeous range of neutrals, firey reds and oranges, delicate pinks and bold blues. These are the same quality as the Blossom. I do recommend this instead of the Blossom because there's a mix of mattes and shimmers. 

Certifeye 'Tropical Wonders' (cf, v)

Price: €33.
Purchase here.

Probably the best rainbow palette out there for the price. There's 18 shades, all matte and a mix of warm tones and cool tones. The design is gorgeous but sadly because of fallout and the white cardboard, it gets messy very quickly. The mattes here are phenomenal and probably some of the best from any indie brand I've tried. Their Dynasty palette was great too but I prefer this one because the shades are brighter.

Strobe Cosmetics 'Creepy Cute' (cf, v)

Price: €33
Full Review here.
Purchase here .

These are some of the best pastels I've ever used. They're soft, pigmented and blend like a dream. Definitely worth the purchase! 

Juvia's Place 'Saharan II' (cf, v)

Price: €23.
Full Review here.
Purchase here (worldwide) or here (U.S).
Juvia's Place has great quality palettes and this one is no exception. The metallics are all duo chromes and they're incredible! The deep red is probably my favourite burgundy. If you like this colour scheme, you should definitely get it. 

Nabla 'Soul Blooming' (cf, v)

Price: €36.
Full review here 
Purchase here (Beauty Bay) or here (Nabla's Website)
The cooler toned sister palette to the Dreamy. I really enjoy using this and the metallics are gorgeous. The only let down is 'Honey Drip', it's so chunky and difficult to apply but the rest of the palette is great.

Nabla 'Dreamy' (cf, v)

Price: €36.
Full Review here.
Purchase here (Beauty Bay) or here (Nabla's Website)
My go to palette! I couldn't imagine what I'd do without this palette. It's my most used of the year. The metallics are so smooth and pigmented. 'Byzantine' is my go to gold. The mattes can be a bit hard to blend but I still overall really like this palette. 

BH Cosmetics 'Zodiac' (cf, gl-f)

Price: €20.
Purchase here (Beauty Bay) or here (BH website).
I don't have a review of this at the moment but I'll do a mini one:

Technically released Dec 2017 but 2018 has been the year of zodiac makeup.
It's quite a large palette, the size of Juvia's Place Magic palette. 
There's 12 mattes and 12 baked shadows. The mattes are super soft and blendable. They're more on the buildable side. The baked shadows work best foiled or applied wet with a flat brush. 
There's a great mix of warm and cool tones so I think it's very versatile. 
The highlighter in the middle is baked. I think it's best to swirl a brush around to take off that top layer because underneath it's extra buttery. It has a white base with a strong gold shift and white,pink and gold sparkle (but not glittery). I'm not sure if it'll show up on deeper skin tones.

bPerfect Stacey Marie Carnival Palette (cf)

Price: €45.
Full Review: here
Purchase: or Beauty Bay.
Probably the most expensive palette on the list but it was very hyped. There are 24 shades, 17 mattes and 7 shimmers + 2 highlighters. There's a good mix of neutrals and brights. The biggest downside is the size as it's quite bulky. 'Saint' the golden highlight is really smooth and gorgeous but 'Saint', the peach highlight is stiffer and has more fallout. 
I recommend reading through my review for more info.

Menagerie Cosmetics Dragon Child + Feral Palettes (cf, talc free, v)

Price: €40 each.
Reviews: FeralDragon Child
Okay so I'm technically cheating with this but I can't decide between the two. The Feral palette has been revamped to change out 2 of the neutral shades. I have the original. The pans are magnetic so I decided to put these in a large Z palette. 
To sum up these palettes: The Mattes are gorgeous but can stain. They're super pigmented and I really enjoy using them. The metallics in the Feral are better than they are in the Dragon Child. Very reflective and unique.