Saturday, 23 March 2019

Colourpop Just My Luck eyeshadow Palette Review + Swatches

Hi everyone! Colourpop has recently launched an all green palette as part of their mini monochrome collection. So far they have an all pink, an all orange and an all purple palettes so far. There's 9 shades and it retails for $12. 

Here are the shade as described by the Colourpop website:

Chances Are…: matte fresh mint
Kiss My Hass: matte spearmint
50-50: metallic mossy green
Big Banks: metallic jade
Mary Jane: metallic chartreuse
Olive U: metallic olive green
Act Natural: matte emerald 
Mo Bamba: matte forest green
Charmed: matte khaki oilve

swatched over primer

Here's a look I did, I used every shade except Charmed and Olive You. 
I found that Kiss my Hass and Act Natural blended together and looked the same when on the eye. The mattes were a bit powdery and chalky. Mary Jane is a bit more flaky but applied gorgeous on a dampened flat brush. 

I had to use shade 9 from the Huda Beauty Emerald Obsessions palette as my inner corner highlight  and highlight. On my lips is Sugarpill U4EA with Mary Jane over it.


I read on Angela Mary Tanner's IG's that these pans are magnetic so I might just pop these out and put them in my big magnetic palette. I think this is a great palette for travel too! Sadly, these shadows are not my favourite compared to other greens that I have but I think it's good for the price.

I would have liked to see a lime green matte instead of 'Big Banks' and some green/ gold based duo chrome for an inner corner highlight.

  • Affordable
  • Pigmented
  • Travel Friendly
  • Mary Jane and Olive You are very unique.
  • May be magnetic
  • Some mattes are chalky
  • Shades aren't varied enough for a lot of depth 
  • Can blend together.
  • Needs a deeper emerald green or lime matte.
  • No inner corner highlight
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Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Lime Crime Venus 1, 2 and 3 Swatches

Hi everyone! I'm currently swamped with products to try to review so thought I'd do a quick swatch post of my 3 Venus Palettes. I also have a review of the Venus XL which you can read here.
This isn't a full review post with looks, it's just to compile my swatches and briefly talk about each palette.

The Venus palettes have 8 pans and retail for €34 each. They are Vegan and Cruelty Free. 

Venus 1

As you can probably see, my palette is fairly worn since I've had it for 2 years ish (Since September 2016). It's probably expired but applies fine and still has rich colour. 'Muse' has a bit of a hard pan bc I accidentally dipped a damp brush in it but it's still okay colour wise and formula wise.

  • VENUS: The color of bruised fruit (velvet matte)
  • SHELL: Opalescent shell-pink (glow)
  • AURA: Golden ivory (glow)
  • CREATION: Rust brown (matte)
  • ICON: Dirt brown (matte pearl)
  • REBIRTH: The color of an over-ripe nectarine (matte)
  • DIVINE: Dusty stone (matte)
  • MUSE: Deep burgundy red (matte)

The are 5 mattes, 1 more of a satin and 2 soft glow shades which when wet, are more metallic. I love using 'Divine' as a contour shade and as you can probably see, 'Aura' is my all time favourite highlight. I wish I could find something exactly like it. It's beyond gorgeous. 
I like the versatility of the palette and I used to use mine for SFX. 
I wish there was another metallic other than 'Venus', it's just a bit too muted and I rarely use it.

Fav Shade: Aura
Most Unique: Muse
Least Fave: Venus

Venus 2

This palette is probably the oddball out of all of my eyeshadow palettes, colour story wise. 
There's plenty of warm tones for grungy eye look and then there's some gorgeous cool tones. 
The glow matte formula is the equivalent of a satin and they apply gorgeously. 
The only dud here is 'Boot' which is a matte with glitter. I'm not the biggest fan of those kinds of shadows. I would have preferred if it was a metallic or just a plain matte black since the glitter leads to a lot of fallout. If you want full impact and full glitter, I'd use a glitter glue and a flat packing brush.

  • PIGEON: Brown/green shift  (pearl)
  • FILTER: Luminous cornflower blue (glow matte)
  • MARSH: Mossy grey-green (glow matte)
  • MUSTARD: The color of corduroy (creamy matte)
  • FLY:Ivory/green green shift, like the wing of a fly (pearl)
  • JAM: Pumpkin spice creamy matte (creamy matte)
  • MUD: Rich burgundy-brown, the color of spoiled fruit (creamy matte)
  • BOOT: Nebula black with multi-color sparkle  (sparkle matte)

  • Fav Shade: Pigeon, Filter.
    Most Unique: Fly
    Least Fav: Boot

    Here you can see the glitter better.

    Venus 3

    • BEAM: Lit lilac with pink shift (iridescent shimmer)
    • BELOVED: Minky lavender brown (metallic)
    • BLISS: Rosewood (matte)
    • DREAMY: Mauve (matte)
    • ECSTASY: Dried fig (matte)
    • HEAVENLY: Rich rose gold (iridescent shimmer)
    • PARADISE: Bright fuchsia with blue glow (glow)
    • RAPTURE: Soft blush with blue flash (shimmer matte)

    I got this one free during their Christmas promotion, The formulas are quite different compared to the original. The mattes are still buttery and creamy like past palettes but there's 'Beam' and 'Heavenly' described as 'Iridescent shimmer'. I do think that these are more sheer similar to shades like 'Twonicorn' or 'Blue Sky' from the Birthday palette. 'Heavenly' has a strong duo chrome shift from a white gold to peachy pink. 
    'Beam' is a white that shifts pink and has pink glitter.

    The other two metallics are a little firmer than past ones. They are best applied wet and don't have the reflectiveness or punchiness of past metallics. 

    Fav shade: Heavenly, Dreamy.
    Most Unique: Heavenly
    Least Fav: Beloved

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    Sunday, 10 March 2019

    Colourpop Jelly Much Jelly Shadow Review

    Hi everyone!
    Today, I wanted to talk about the Colourpop Jelly Much jelly eyeshadow. These are $8 each and have 6.5g of product in each. There are 16 shades but I got Origami which is a yellow gold. 
    I was so curious about these and I haven't really seen many people review these or talk about them. There's no shelf life symbol on these so as long as you keep the lid closed tightly so they don't dry out, they should be good.

    They apply liquidy but dry down to a powder finish.

    My first impression just swatching is how little product you need to get gorgeous payoff. The texture is very smooth and they seem to dry down.

    The first swatch is lightly brushing over the jelly with my finger, as you can it is patchy and stays in one place.
    The second one is picking up a tiny glob and spreading it like I would with a cream shadow. 

    I tried looking for dupes in my collection of shades similar but they weren't as bright or reflective as the Colourpop one. They are Juvia's Place from the Magic Palette and Makeup Geek's 'Telepathy'. 
    Colourpop also has glitter in it. It's hard to see in the jar since it's subtle but very pretty.

    Colourpop, Juvia's Place and Makeup Geek.

    Since this is a different kind of eyeshadow, I want to test 3 different things.

    1. How long does it wear for?
    2. Can I layer powder eyeshadow over it / under it?
    3. How user friendly / Easy to use is it?

    1. How long does it wear for?

    I wore this for 6 hours and it didn't fade or the shimmer didn't transfer.

    2. Can I layer powder eyeshadow over it / under it?

    I found that I could layer the product over another shadow without it picking up underneath. These work even on unset primer (I use the Makeup Revolution Cut Crease Canvas). Sometimes like with liquid shadows, they dry down and putting a powder shadow over it can cause it to crease or flake but not with these. It did transfer over onto my liner a tiny bit.

    3. How user friendly / Easy to use is it?

    I find these somewhat user friendly. They're opaque enough to cut a crease with. I use the same flat concealer brush I use for every shadow and it worked just as good as with a liquid eyeshadow. I find these easier to work with than the Stila liquid shadows as they're a gel consistency. 

    I do feel like there's a learning curve with the amount of product you have to use. A pin prick size dot of product is more than enough. Any more and it'll crease up and settle into fine lines and look cakey. 

    I do think the jar is a bit inconvenient as products can get everywhere. Temptalia suggested a squeeze tube and I agree, it would make it less messy.

    These seem like they could dry out quickly. If you're familiar with Colourpop's Super Shock Shadows, you'll know they can dry out very fast if you don't close the lid and it's the same with these. I'll take a tiny bit of product out and put it on the back of my hand or apply directly to the lid.

    I decided to do a look doing my regular cut crease. On the other eye is only the Origami shadow applied with a shader brush all over the lid and blended out with a fluffy brush. I found this blended out okay but it dries so quickly that it doesn't give you much time to work with it. I prefer using this for cut creases.


    I do think you could get the same effect with a metallic eyeshadow but I like this more. There's just something about the shimmer and the extreme foiled effect it gives that I love. I think I'll pick some more of these up in the future. I'm really interested in seeing how well the lighter shades would work as a highlighter.


    • Extremely reflective.
    • Very opaque.
    • A little goes a long way.
    • Affordable.
    • Very precise cut crease.
    • You can use finger or a brush.
    • Wide variety of Shades.

    • Could dry out quickly.
    • Has a learning curve.
    • Using too much product can cause it to crease. 
    • Dries very quickly.
    • Pretty Messy.
    Have you tried these shadows? What do you think?

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    Monday, 4 March 2019

    Colourpop Try Me and Graceland Liquid Liner Review

    Hi everyone!
    Colourpop have surprised everyone with a release of 7 felt tip liners in lots of fun colours. I decided to pick uptake two colours that I feel would be the most difficult: red (Try Me) and white (Graceland). They're also colours I would use the most. 

    They are $8 or $56 for the entire collection. There's 0.019 fl.oz / 0.55 ml in each liner. They claim to be one swipe full coverage and has an extra fine nib. 

    Firstly I want to say that I am a devoted fan of the Makeup Revolution Renaissance Flick liquid liner so I haven't really any other liquid liners since its launch. The nib of the MR one is exactly the same as Colourpop's, making both extremely precise and great for wings. Both are really flexible but not too much and I really like that.

    Graceland is matte white and very opaque. It has more of a drier formula and it'll crack if you layer it too much. I would recommend setting it with a white shadow just to make it more even. 

    Try Me is a primary red and feels a bit more on the watery side. It transferred a bit more than Graceland did. When I tried to do a precise wing, it bled a little bit and I had to clean up the edges. It also didn't stain my eyes.

    I have absolutely no talent when it comes to graphic liner. This was just my test look using these liners.

    If you want liners that are more reliable if you use these colours regularly, I recommend the Suva Beauty Hydra Liners in the shades Space Panda and Cherry Bomb. They are a bit more pricey but I think they're worth it. They do have their downsides though as the are water activated so you can't put it near your water or too close to your lash line and the red stains quite badly. 

    • Very precise nib.
    • White is quite opaque.
    • Red didn't stain.
    • Red is a bit watery and bleeds a bit.
    • White felt a bit like white out liquid and couldn't be layered too much.
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