Monday, 29 April 2019

Pinky Rose Cosmetics Exotic Peacock Review + Swatches

Hi everyone! Pinky Rose Cosmetics is now being stocked on which is a makeup retailer in the Netherlands that stocks a lot of indie brands.

There are 14 shades, 8 mattes, 2 metallics with glitter (Peacock + Provocative) and the rest are regular metallics. The mattes are stiff when swatched but incredibly pigmented. The metallics with glitter are smooth to the touch but I'd recommend using a glitter glue with them. The regular metallics aren't foiled so they're best applied wet.

Wings: Peachy gold (metallic)
Peacock: Sky Blue (metallic with silver glitter)
Honey: Warm toned brown (matte)
Truth: Royal blue (matte)
Tease: Royal purple (metallic)
Enchanted: Azure (metallic)
Erotic: Golden Olive (metallic)
Sultry: Magenta? I'm not sure how to describe it (matte)
Discreet: Sea green (matte)
Risqué: Pistachio (matte)
Lovesick: Turquoise (matte)
Lustful: Royal purple (matte)
Provocative: Light kelly green (metallic with gold glitter)
Dreams: Navy (matte)

Here's a look I did using the shades 'Dreams', 'Lustful', 'Wings', 'Truth', 'Tease' and 'Enchanted'.
My lipstick is 'Chimera' from La Splash.


I really enjoy this palette but it did take a bit of warming up to to get used to the formula.
I recommend working with darkest to lightest as colours can blend away.
I'm not the biggest fan of the glittery formula as there's a lot of glitter fallout without a glitter glue.
I would have preferred if there was a deeper matte green instead of those.
The colour scheme though overall is unique and absolutely gorgeous!
I would love to try their glitter wands though.

Where to buy:

Where to find me: dorchasbeaublog

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Thursday, 25 April 2019

I Heart Revolution Blueberry Crush Donut Palette Review + Swatches

Hi everyone! I Heart Revolution, part of the Makeup Revolution brand have come out with a series of donut shaped palette. These are €6 and have 5 shades. Each palette is monochrome and I just had to buy the blue one. 
These are just so damn cute! The top the same consistency as a squidgy and the palette itself is plastic. These don't feel cheap.

There are 5 shades. 1 matte and 4 shimmers. 
1. Iridescent white blue/pink shift in the middle.
2. Sky blue matte.
3. Steely blue.
4. Foiled turquoise.
5. Indigo with pink shift.

The formula performance here vary. The matte is smooth and easy to blend but sadly it's not very pigmented and took a lot to build up to full opacity. Luckily there isn't too much fallout so I could swirl my brush into the pan.

The iridescent white and the indigo blue are very firmly pressed. It's hard to get good payoff. I had to use the iridescent shade wet but it's just very stiff. I like that the darkest blue is firmer because it allows for me to blend it in my crease as if it were a matte. 

The last two shades are incredibly creamy and perform amazingly! I can't get over the steely blue, I don't have anything like it. 

I would recommend using a primer as with any shadow. I use the Cut Crease Canvas from Makeup Revolution. Mine lasted 14 hours without fading too much. 

I would love if they released some more, ie a green or a purple one. They're so fun and I think they'd make a great gift. I can't speak to the quality of the others but I really enjoy using this! 

Where to buy:

Revolution Beauty
Boozy Shop

My IG: @dorchasbeaublog

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Monday, 8 April 2019

Colourpop X Disney Villains Maleficent Highlighter and Jelly Much Shadow Review + Swatch

Hi everyone! I picked up some stuff from the Colourpop x Disney Villains Collection. I was really excited about this launch especially the highlighters because they're so affordable. I got the Mistress of All Evil highlighter, the Spindle Jelly Much and the Evil Queen lipstick (which I won't be reviewing since it arrived broken and want to contact customer service first)

The highlighter is a soft peachy champagne with white, gold, green and pink glitter. It retails for $10 and there's 8.50 g of product. It definitely is a more spongy and dense formula compared to other highlighters and when swatched; feels very smooth.

I was a bit hesitant about buying this since I've watched review videos and it didn't seem to apply well with a brush. I do agree that these apply best with a sponge or a finger but I found a dense eyeshadow brush also worked to give good payoff rather than a conventional highlighter or fan brush.They give a wet sheen to the skin and there's quite a bit of glitter.

The Jelly Much Shadows are $8 and it's described as a cool lavender with a champagne gold flip but I feel like the flip is more of a strong peach pink. What a stunner! This has to be one of my favourite eyeshadows ever.

As with my other Jelly Much shadows, they apply like a paste or a liquid shadow on the eye. It didn't feel heavy or tight and a even when I made a mistake cutting my crease, I could blend out a powder shadow over it. It took very little product to get full intensity and it didn't crease or ball up as time went on.
These are so much fun to work with and I'd take them over a liquid shadow any day. 

My camera quality is awful but here's a look I did with them. For my powder eyeshadow, I used Menagerie Cosmetic's Dragon Child Palette and 'Planchette' from the Strobe Cosmetic's Creepy Cute palette. 
My inner corner highlight is Colourpop's 'We Jammin' Jelly Much with 'Spindle' on my lid. Nothing does the shadow justice, honestly!

For highlighter, I used Mistress of All Evil. On my lips is Besame Dusty Rose with Colourpop's Neat Freak Gloss over it.

So what did you think of this collection? Have you picked anything up?
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