Thursday, 25 April 2019

I Heart Revolution Blueberry Crush Donut Palette Review + Swatches

Hi everyone! I Heart Revolution, part of the Makeup Revolution brand have come out with a series of donut shaped palette. These are €6 and have 5 shades. Each palette is monochrome and I just had to buy the blue one. 
These are just so damn cute! The top the same consistency as a squidgy and the palette itself is plastic. These don't feel cheap.

There are 5 shades. 1 matte and 4 shimmers. 
1. Iridescent white blue/pink shift in the middle.
2. Sky blue matte.
3. Steely blue.
4. Foiled turquoise.
5. Indigo with pink shift.

The formula performance here vary. The matte is smooth and easy to blend but sadly it's not very pigmented and took a lot to build up to full opacity. Luckily there isn't too much fallout so I could swirl my brush into the pan.

The iridescent white and the indigo blue are very firmly pressed. It's hard to get good payoff. I had to use the iridescent shade wet but it's just very stiff. I like that the darkest blue is firmer because it allows for me to blend it in my crease as if it were a matte. 

The last two shades are incredibly creamy and perform amazingly! I can't get over the steely blue, I don't have anything like it. 

I would recommend using a primer as with any shadow. I use the Cut Crease Canvas from Makeup Revolution. Mine lasted 14 hours without fading too much. 

I would love if they released some more, ie a green or a purple one. They're so fun and I think they'd make a great gift. I can't speak to the quality of the others but I really enjoy using this! 

Where to buy:

Revolution Beauty
Boozy Shop

My IG: @dorchasbeaublog

Thanks for reading!

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